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i have a new crush. wow. this is one momentous occasion.
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I know it's me dianna. I See you starring at me across abella's room. LOLOL.

YES. YES IT AS TO BE YOU. hi nancy.
who whore?
you dont have to call me those names, ass. geeze. hes this guy that LOOKS LIKE BRANDON BOYD AND IVE KNOWN HIM LIKE...FOR YEARS, AND I JUST REALIZED THAT. and w.e.
hehehehhehHEHEHHEHEHE. lol i dont like him. i just have the capacity for liking him. HE LOOKS LIKE BRANDON
*gasp* DIANNA! why havent you told me thissssss, you must you must you musttt you must tell me! ill hunt you down later. =)
haha, okay. its really stupid though. makes no sense. i mean...none. i'll TELL YOU LATER.
"looks like brandon boyd.. to me!" hahahaha
hahahah, HE DOES. i swear.
and you havent told me?? *tina feels bad*
teeth. i tolf you now, didn't I? and my dad and i got a card for your mom, but i forgot it at my gonna bring it tomorrow. k.