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long time no write

i haven't written in this shit for such a damn long time; bro the last time that i wrote in here i was screaming about the fucked upedness of bush yeah. anyway....not much that i am willing to write about has happened; not saying that nothing has happened but im saying that im not willing to write about it dammit god stop pressuring me!!!! ok if everyone insists on knowing....long story short in very vague terms: i got caught up in something that was way over my head and way stupid...most people who are reading this MAY KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT. but anyway....that is over nad my life is nice and sexy riight now and i am perty happy and junk and yeah!!!!! anyway yesterday i was at jackie's house and it was funny for a few reasons: her lips went numb so every time she talked she spit and if she was trying to say "hey dianna" it came out like "gay banana". so yeah that was funny. then like ALL OF MY PEOPLE CAME (MY LITTLE SAS BUDDIES) and i saw mandy, janelle, mellally, natasha, ceci, nati, was very cool. so anyway yeah.
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