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here in phys ed and its like boring..its a freee period and i did my homework so i have nothing to whatever...anyway. yesterday was a bad day..first lunch as wierd because my past came back to haunt me. yuck. i hate people that act like they're so sweet and honest and nice and when you turn your back they show all their evil garbage and you can't do anything but let them be that way. anyway...that was a hint to what happened; but i'm going to forget about that and not worry or let any one that wants to fuck with me get the satisfaction of doing so...ANYWAY..things get worse when my dad picked me up because he was mad at me for some stupid reason and it was annoying; but then he got over it so things are all good and i am still a crazy monkey person. well when i got home i did homework which is a fucking miracle because i usually just wait till the morning do get it done being the procrastinator that i am...ok so yeah. well i called a friend of mine and we got into this stupid argument... i was just negating what he said because EVERYHING he said was shallow and judgemental and all the shit i'm against. so he ends up hanging up on me because i'm guessing he can't handle someone not agreeing with him. w.e so that was a little fucked up. i mean god damn; go make me a cynical bitch because i have a fucking opinion. so then i call my friend jackie and i got all sad for her because she's having some trouble too and i can sorta hoping that it gets better for her because she doesn't deserve all this drama in her life. lmao...drama drama DRAMA.

so now n a better note: im going to make this a good day and im not going to care what happens if someone does something bad..i'm just going to deal, move on, and have a good fucking day. o yeah and i know its like super late but i have a new years resolution...well like going to be brutally honest with everyone; no more hypocracy. im gonna do awesome in school. im going to kill tina.
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